Clwydian Vale Welsh Meats

About us …

Clwydian Vale Welsh Meats is a company run by David and Alex Tilley and based in the Vale of Clwyd, Denbighshire, North Wales.

We are purveyors of the finest quality meat which includes; Welsh lamb, hogget, mutton and beef sourced from local farms and estates, and during the right time of year, seasonal venison, veal and saltmarsh lamb. We strive to pick only the best quality meat that has the right meat-to-bone ratio whilst retaining enough fat to ensure the tastiest flavour.

David grew up with four other siblings on his parents’ farm in North Wales into a hard-working life of feeding the livestock and milking cows, and helped his parents ensure the farm animals were looked after in the best possible way. Apart from a couple of years as a teenager, when he trained under Henry Cecil as a jockey in Newmarket, he has been a farmer his entire life.

Over the last 12 years David has bred and supplied top quality lamb and beef for Michelin star and high end restaurants, pubs and clubs in and around London. He has now recently retired from farming to fully concentrate his efforts on purveying the finest quality lamb, beef and other sought after meats from many of his farming friends and neighbours in North Wales.

Alex grew up with a father in the military and an artist mother from a farming family. After ten years following the drum, her family settled in North Wales on her mothers’ home ground below Moel Arthur hill-fort, where it is thought King Arthur’s Excalibur is buried. Alex began learning to cook from her mother, a trained chef, and when she turned 18 went to Ballymaloe cookery school in County Cork, Ireland, to train to become a chef herself.

Since then she has worked throughout Europe and North America as a private caterer or as an employed chef in chalets, shooting lodges, family homes and chateaus. With Alex’s expertise in cooking fine quality meals and David’s expertise in farming and choosing the right animal for the plate we are able to form a strong team to produce what is needed for the discerning chef.