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We are butchers and purveyors of the finest quality meat which includes; Welsh lamb, hogget, mutton and beef sourced from local farms and estates around the Vale of Clwyd in North Wales. During the right time of year we can supply seasonal venison, veal and saltmarsh lamb.

We pick only the best quality animals that have the right meat-to-bone ratio whilst retaining enough fat to ensure the tastiest flavour.

All our meat is killed in our local abattoir to ensure travelling and stress is kept to a minimum. By cutting out the middle-man and checking every animal individually from the field to the fork we ensure only the best quality, flavour and price for you!

Restaurateurs and Chefs phone now on 07584 318 205 to buy our Welsh Lamb or Welsh Beef cuts and retail customers please shop online for added convenience and fastest delivery!!!

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What Our Customers are Saying

It is with immense pleasure I praise the quality of the lamb of David and Alex. It is hung to my liking for great flavour and tenderness. I can see our lamb has been meticulously selected with a lot care and attention over the years.

Their customer service is second to none even as they are many hours’ drive from London.

This is a young family who care a lot about their produce and their customers.

I am very proud to cook this outstanding Welsh lamb and support them for their hard work.

Marcellin Marc

Head Chef, Clos Maggiore

At Kitchen W8 I have been using Clwydian Vale Welsh Meats for over two years.

Quality and consistency of produce is of great importance to me to ensure our customers get only the best.

David is very passionate about his product, providing only the best spring lamb and wild venison in season.

Clwydian Vale Welsh Meats is a small independent company delivering only the finest quality and service, second to none!

Regards … Mark

Mark Kempson

Head Chef, Kitchen W8

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